International Women's Day 2010

Celebrating Women Filmmakers – Birds Eye View Film Festival 4-12 March 2010

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BFI Southbank, ICA and Barbican

Birds Eye View is back for its 6th annual Film Festival of celebrating, championing and showcasing women filmmakers.

Nine jam packed days, 8 inspired features, 7 penetrating documentaries, 21 visionary shorts, 22 retro movies starring iconic blondes, a masterclass from one of Europeans most consistently adventurous filmmakers – Susanne Bier, vocational training events, cutting-edge fashion and music films plus BEV’s already-famous commissions of new scores by hot female talent to classic silent films. Expect a glittering bevy of celebrities and filmmakers, parties, special events and much more. This year we’re at the ICA, BFI Southbank, Curzon Renoir and Brixton Ritzy. See you there!

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OPENING NIGHT – NFT1, Thu 4 Mar, 8.10pm

Multi-talented actress Jane Horrocks will officially open the festivities on 4 March, and present to you a special taster of our Sound and Silents events with Jane Gardner scoring a choice cut from the riotus Her Sister From Paris which will be followed by our trademark showcase of the world’s best new shorts by women before we all gather to discuss our favourites in the BFI bar.


Plus Director Q&A Dir.
Paola Mendoza, Gloria La Morte, USA
ICA Cinema 1, Fri March 5, 8.30pm
ICA Cinema 2, Sat March 6, 8.30pm

Stunning acting and compelling story come together in this true story of a Colombian family’s survival on the streets of New York.

Abandoned by their husband/father, young Colombian Mariana and her two children are thrown out onto the hot Summer streets of Queens, NY. This gripping and tender, superbly acted drama is based on a true story of one family’s weeks of threadbare living and fighting together to survive in a dangerous and foreign world. Mariana’s maternal imperative to keep her son and daughter safe and innocent of the fear she feels is the emotional backbone to this film, supported by the world-famous Tribeca Institute.

Paola Mendoza and Gloria La Morte Colombia-born director/actress Paola Mendoza plays Mariana in the film and was also the lead in 2007’s Padre Nuesto, while filmmaking partner Gloria La Morte has worked chiefly as an editor. Mendoza’s other directorial work includes 2006’s short Still Standing, about Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of her New Orleans-dwelling grandmother’s home.

Plus Director Q&A Dir.
Wanuri Kahiu, Kenya 2008
ICA Cinema 1, Wed March 10, 6.30pm
ICA Cinema 2, Thu March 11, 8.30pm

Winner: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Soundtrack, Best Screenplay, African Movie Academy Awards 2009

Deeply affecting, multi-award-winning drama exploring emotional recovery from the impact of Nairobi’s terrorist bombings of 1998.

A family is torn apart by the terrorist bombing of the US Embassy in Nairobi in 1998, in which over 250 people died and the aftershocks of which still tremble today. Years after the horrific event, a teenage girl is still searching for her mother, through radical art and less than legal adventures. Kahiu’s emotionally powerful drama swept the board at last year’s African Movie Academy Awards, we say rightly so!

Wanuri Kahiu is one of Kenya’s most talented young filmmakers. Having trained in the US and worked on The Italian Job and Catch A Fire, Wanuri is now back in Kenya and working on several new projects. Look out for her highly-anticipated sci-fi short Pumzi at festivals later this year.

Screening in partnership with Africa in Motion funded by The Commonwealth Foundation


Plus Skype Director Q&A Dir.
Celeste Carrasco & Gemma Cubero del Barrio, USA 2009
ICA Cinema 2, Fri March 6, 6.30pm
ICA Cinema 2, Sat March 7, 6.30pm

WINNER: Best Doc, Cuenca Film Festival

Fascinating insights into the role of the matador in Spanish culture, and the women who dare to face the bull.

Bullfighting. Whether you admire or despise it, Spain’s passion for its national sport/art remains phenomenal. Ella Es El Matador plunges expertly into the history of female matadors, fighting for recognition until a 1908 law barred women from the sport.

Celeste Carrasco & Gemma Cubero del Barrio run the Talcual Films production company and She Is The Matador is their joint directorial debut. Gemma moved from journalism into production, and has worked with Julio Medem on Spanish docs What’s Under Your Hat and One Percent: Schizophrenia.

Plus Skype Director Q&A Dir.
Kim Longinotto, UK 2009
ICA Cinema 1, Sat March 7, 2.30pm
ICA Cinema 2, Mon March 9, 6.15pm

WINNER: Grand Jury Prize, Sundance Film Festival 2009

A celebration of the strength and compassion of the ‘Rough Aunties’ who care, and fight, for South Africa’s abused children, from one of the world’s best documentary makers.

Caring for Durban’s abused children and fighting for their rights in equally fierce measures, the women behind Bobbi Bear are a force to be reckoned with. Strong, passionate and fearless, they show an unbounded capacity for love and empathy in the face of harrowing work and personal tragedies. Rough Aunties handles painfully raw subject matter with honesty and respect – a testament to the unerring wisdom and compassion of the ‘Rough Aunties’ of Bobbi Bear. Kim Longinotto’s films are the benchmark for heartfelt, but never patronising, social issue documentaries

Screening in partnership with Branchage Film Festival, kicks off a campaign to raise awareness and funds for Bobbi Bear.

Plus Skype Director Q&A Dir.
Jenna Rosher, USA 2009
ICA Cinema 1, Sat March 6, 6.15pm
ICA Cinema 2, Mon March 8, 6.30pm
RITZY, Fri March 5, 11.00am + Bring a Baby to see Junior

Winner: Audience Award, Doc/Fest

Mum (98) and son (75) share a home, and with that the joys and frustrations of domestic life. Laugh and weep at this brilliant, award-winning doc.

Junior is a documentary on the generational divide between a mother and son, but trust us, you haven’t seen its likes before! 75-year old, previously hot-blooded Eddie Belasco moves in with his 98-year old Ma, the formidable Josephine, and the equally dynamic duo have to learn to co-habit. You will laugh with glee at the pair’s lovingly vicious ripostes across their domestic battlelines, and cry at the inevitable rite of passage one must suffer.

Jenna Rosher started out as a documentary producer, and during a trip to Senegal making the music doc Dave and Trey Go To Africa, found her passion for cinematography was leading her in new directions.


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The festival offers Skillset subsidized training across numerous areas of film.

This is a great opportunity to hone skills for a snip of the normal price.

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