International Women's Day 2010

Speak Out – Erris Local Area Network – 10th March 2010

Posted in 2010 03 10, Ireland Republic by womeninlondon on 2 March 2010

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Erris Local Area Network opposing violence against women is holding an event titled Speak Out on Wednesday March 10 at 1pm in the arts centre.

Women are invited to speak for one minute about themselves or an issue that matters to them.

Each woman’s piece will begin with “I am a woman/girl/female…” after that it is up to you what you wish to say.

A practice session will be arranged a week before the event. Women who would like to speak should contact Rose or Leanne on 097 20828 or drop into Iorras Le Chéile, Main Street, Belmullet, Co Mayo

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