International Women's Day 2010

ESOL Women students to hold Teddy Bears Picnic – Monday 8 March – to publicise Creche Campaign

Posted in 2010 03 08, London by womeninlondon on 5 March 2010

A group of Bangladeshi women ESOL students are holding a Teddy Bears Picnic in an unusual public place on Monday morning 8 March, International Womens Day.

They are meeting at 10 o’clock at Lifra Hall, Halley St. E14, before setting off for the picnic.

They are campaigning to save the creche that Tower Hamlets College have withdrawn from their English class, effectively barring 3 existing students, and another 3 potential students, from joining the class. But many more women will be affected if the College go ahead with their plans.

Other English classes have also had their creche provision cut, new classes have started without a creche, and the creche at the Bethnal Green Centre is planned to be cut completely, leaving some of the very women who need English most, unable to attend.

The women desperately need to learn English, initially simply to be able to take part in everyday life. Yet without onsite creche provision, they cannot do so.

The College cut the creche provision with no consultation, told women they should use childminders, or, in the case of the Bethnal Green Centre, told women they should take children to another creche, then walk back to their classes. Neither of these is good for the women.

For more information contact Sally Haywill at or phone 020 8802 4604.

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