International Women's Day 2010

International Women’s Day – Women In Resistance – Glasgow

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To mark International Women’s Day and Israeli Apartheid Week Hedy Epstein and Haifa Zangana will be speaking in Glasgow.

Hedy is a German-born holocaust survivor who was 8 years old when Hitler came to power. Her parents and other family members were sent to Auschwitz while Hedy was sent to England. She never saw her family again. Hedy has visited the Israeli-occupied West Bank five times since 2003, to witness the facts on the ground. She has participated in non-violent demonstrations alongside Israelis, Palestinians and Internationals, to oppose Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and the illegal apartheid wall. Hedy most recently participated in the Gaza Freedom March in December 2009 during which she went on hunger strike in Cairo to protest Egypt’s refusal of permission to enter Gaza for 1400 international delegates who had travelled to Cairo to participate in a commemorative march in Gaza on 31st December.

Haifa Zangana is an Iraqi author, novelist and artist. She is the founder of Women’s Solidarity for an Independent and Unified Iraq. She was tortured as a political prisoner under Saddam Hussein’s regime. Haifa is the author of “Women on a Journey: Between Baghdad and London” and her latest book is entitled “ City of Widows: An Iraqi Woman’s Account of War and Resistance.” She is a weekly columnist for Al-Quds newspaper and an occasional commentator for the Guardian among others.

The event is organised by Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Glasgow University Palestine Society

Tuesday 9 March 2010, 7.30pm.
Boyd Orr building, Glasgow University, room 407.

The event is open to everyone and is free.

More details can be found on the website of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign:

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