International Women's Day 2010

International Women’s Day Ring Thing! – Benefit Event for Refuge

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We are having a all-day, ladies-only bell ringing event on Monday 8th March in honour of International Women’s Day.

We’ll be ringing some ladies quarter peals for International Womens’ Day on Monday 8th March. Our aim is to have fun and to raise funds for ‘Refuge’. The task is not easy, so accustomed are we to the helpful presence of our male mentors! However, we are a capable bunch and need not allow such challenges to interfere with good ringing!

We are hoping to raise funds for the charity, ‘Refuge’ (support of families/ victims of domestic violence) and gently urge your members both to wish us luck and consider supporting our endeavours that day by logging on to

Please lend us your support! Below are the times/ venues at which we’ll be ringing:

Quarter Peal 1: 9.45am Method; Plain Bob Triples. Venue: Holy Trinity, West Hill, SW19 6SP (8 bells, 15cwt) 1.Irene R 2.Stella S 3.Sue B 4.Jill W 5.Diane P 6.Monica T 7.Phaedra S(c) 8.Linda F

Quarter Peal 2: 11.30am, Method; Stedman Cators: Venue: All Saints,Church Gate, Fulham (10 bells 18-1-14 in E) 1.Jill W(c) 2.Prudence F 3.Irene R 4.Monica T 5.Diane P 6.Pauline D 7.PhaedraS 8.Anne R 9.LindaF 10Theresa G

Quarter Peal 3: 2.15pm Method: Stedman Triples/PB Triples or PB Major (dep on mental disposition of callee!); Venue: St Mary, Battersea Church Road SW11 3NA (8 bells 13 3/4cwt) 1.Monica T 2.Stella S 3.Irene R 4.Sue B 5.Linda F 6.Jill W 7.Phaedra S(c) 8.Mary T

Quarter Peal 4: 4pm Method: Mixed Dbles. Venue: Holy Trinity, Clapham Common SW4 0QZ (6 bells, 6cwt) 1.TheresaG 2.Madeline J 3.StellaS 4.Mary T5.Irene R6.Phaedra S

Quarter Peal 5: 6.15pm Method:tba Conductor: tba. Venue: St John Evangelist, Waterloo Road, SE1 (8 bells 17 3/4cwt) 1.Phaedra S 2.Eleanor W 3.Helen U 4.Sue B 5.Rona J 6.Trisha S

Quarter Peal 6: 8.15pm Method: Plain Bob Doubles: Conductor: Elizabeth Y & Rona J. Venue: St Saviour, Lupus Street, SW1(tbc) 1.Stella S 2.Phaedra S 3.Rona J 4.Helen U 5.Elizabeth Y 6.Trisha S? (or reserve)

Any enquiries please contact me at or tel/text 07732 119462. Sincerely, with gratitude for your time & interest, A CB (A Calling Bird!)

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