International Women's Day 2010

International Women’s Day calls for action on women’s health

Posted in 2010 03 08, Global, Statements Press Releases by womeninlondon on 18 March 2010

International Women’s Day acts as a focus point showing the importance of bringing together women of all political persuasions, irrespective their social situation to ensure that every woman can fully enjoy all human rights and basic freedoms.

The OSHA Europe website published an article about gender issues concerning safety and health at work. Women are still not treated the same way at work as men even though women make up 44% of the employed population in the EU. OSHA concludes therefore that a gender sensitive approach is needed to reach equal conditions for men and women regarding health and safety at work.

In order to mark the International Women’s Day EMCDDA published a report about women facing drug-related problems in Europe. The report contains experiences and perceptions of women using drugs. Most drug services today are designed with male drug users in mind. However, it is widely recognised that drug policy and effectiveness are enhanced when gender differences are acknowledged. An EMCCDA expert group therefore agreed that treatment guidelines have to take into account gender differences and so-called ’service-user views’ in order to plan appropriate treatment for women and men.

Anna Zaborska, the Chair of Parliament’s Committee on Women Rights and Gender Equality, stressed that the EU must do more to promote gender equality as it is still the case that women are sometimes linked with a degrading image. She claimed that it is crucial to understand that the future of new Europe is linked to the situation of women. The EU has to foster gender equality so that all women can enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men do.


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