International Women's Day 2010

Violence against women at work – a mental health perspective on International Women’s Day

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On the occasion of the International Women’s Day 2010, Mental Health Europe has published a report on violence against women in the workplace. The report aims to contribute to reducing violence against women at work in all its forms. Zero tolerance of this violence is crucial to change attitudes and behaviours.

MHE’s European Project “Violence against Women in the workplace… Let’s talk about it ! The mental health impacts of violence and harassment against women at work” aims at contributing to the prevention of violence against women at work in all its forms also encouraging attitudes and behaviours of zero tolerance. The Project is funded in the frame of the Daphne III Programme, Directorate General of Justice, Freedom and Security.

In recent years, national working conditions surveys have shown that an increasing incidence of work-related health problems develop as a result of psychological rather than physical causes.

Violence and harassment at work has immediate effects on the concerned women, including a lack of motivation, loss of confidence and reduced self-esteem, depression and anger, anxiety and irritability.

A poster, translated in 8 languages (English, German, Greek, Spanish, Slovenian, Romanian, Lithuanian and Latvian) has been published in order to illustrate graphically the importance of preventing violence and harassment against women at work as well as mental health problems that result from it.

A handbook/booklet translated in the same 8 languages is being prepared with the aim of providing guidance on recognising and tackling psychosocial risks in the workplace.

You can find more information about the Project and download the posters on the MHE website at


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