International Women's Day 2010

Focus on Feminism – a month of feminist events at Housmans bookshop

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To celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th March, Housmans bookshop are proud to present a month of feminist and woman-positive events encompassing history, environmental activism, and social commentary.

To kick off we have author Nina Power and veteran socialist Lindsey German, who will be discussing the state of feminism in the twenty-first century, including the phenomenon of ‘consumerist feminism’ and the use of empowerment rhetoric to sell ‘self improvement’ – expensive fashion, surgery and status symbols – to women. (6th March).

On the 10th March Zed Books will be launching Carol Dyhouse’s latest book ‘Glamour: Social History, Women and Feminism’, a beautifully illustrated in-depth examination of the meaning of glamour, its relationship to femininity and fashion, and its role in the complex nexus of femininity, appearance and power.

Following this, we are delighted to welcome peace and environmental activists Maya Anne Evans and Tamsin Omond, who will be discussing women’s roles in activism, and the intersection of class and gender in the green and peace movements (24th March).

Finally, historian Jennifer C. Kelsey will discuss her publication ‘A Voice of Discontent: A Woman’s Journey Through the Long Eighteenth Century’, focusing on the lives of dissenting women of the 1700s – those who protested and rebelled against their subordinate lot, or worked within the status quo to better their positions.

Focus on Feminism

Saturday 6th March: 5pm
‘Feminism Today’
with Nina Power and Lindsey German

Wednesday 10th March: 7pm
Zed Books present ‘Glamour: Social History, Women and Feminism’
with Carol Dyhouse

Wednesday 24th March: 7pm
‘Women and Activism’
with Maya Ann Evans and Tamsin Omond

Wednesday 31st March: 7pm
‘A Voice of Discontent: A Woman’s Journey Through the Long Eighteenth Century’
with Jennifer C. Kelsey

About Housmans

Housmans is London’s premier radical bookshop – it’s one of the last remaining such shops, as well as having been one of the first (originally opening in 1945). It sells a wide range of radical literature – books, pamphlets and magazines – dealing with the full spectrum of campaigning issues, as well as stocking stationery and cards. Its variety of political magazines, newsletters and journals – with over 200 titles – is unmatched anywhere in the country. It also has t-shirts, badges and other campaigning paraphernalia, and hosts regular in-shop events. The shop also plays an active role within its local community.

Housmans Bookshop continues to see its role as it has since its foundation. Whilst acknowledging its roots in the peace movement – and, specifically, in the radical pacifist end of the movement – it aims to be a broad-based, non-sectarian shop, encouraging the dissemination of a wide range of progressive and alternative ideas. As the shop’s founders recognised, opposing injustice and oppression and the degradation of our planet are prerequisites of a more just and peaceful society.

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